A Hull of a pillow….

  https://primsandpretties.com/HullPillowsCases.html My newest offering is buckwheat hull pillows.  I personally have a ratchet neck that has had much surgery to correct damage.  One of the most daunting task I can think of is, buying a proper pillow which will not add to my discomfort.  I don’t like pillows that add to much in theContinue reading “A Hull of a pillow….”

Sewing Rhythm

Today will be a two post day!  This one is all about the business.  As I stated in previous post, the last couple years have been rough.  However, on the upside, I’ve been slowly getting back into all things social media to prepare for the return of my business & being busy.  I truly lovedContinue reading “Sewing Rhythm”

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