Sewing Rhythm

Today will be a two post day!  This one is all about the business.  As I stated in previous post, the last couple years have been rough.  However, on the upside, I’ve been slowly getting back into all things social media to prepare for the return of my business & being busy.  I truly loved what I did to generate income.   I had lost the feeling for so long I didn’t know if it would come back.  But, it has & I welcome her.

I’ve listed some older things I never listed, some newer things I’ve just finished up & I’ll be working toward creativity as soon as I get all the social media settings & sites taken care of.  It’s amazing how much work goes into setting up your home business online while & what you have to do to get yours items seen.  

We are in a sea  of online product!!  

I don’t compete per ‘se, I just raise the water levels a bit more.

People are going to buy what they love & it’s as simple as that.  You could make a 100 items & not sell one thing.  Then you create one particular item & now you have a customer for life.  So, if your going to dip your toes in the craft pond, you have to love what you do.  You have to be able to handle rejection.  You also need to learn to temper adoration.  Both are fleeting.

You have to learn to love what you do & do what you love.  Otherwise, it’s a job & who in Gods name would put themselves through a home based business where you can’t count on income, benefits or  appreciation? You generally have lint & threads all over your clothes & sometimes your caught off guard & have to make a quick run to the fabric store for a spool of thread 5 minutes before they close or the post office for a late night drop off for the 5 year old girl waiting on her princess quilt?  Yes, I’ve done both and more.

 Those of us who do this, I can bet you a dime to a dollar it’s because we love what we do.  We don’t mind the surprises that come with the work.  We don’t mind the late nights to fill custom orders.  We don’t mind that lint rollers become part of our attire.  And, we even set aside a room in home to claim as our own or to call a “home studio” to keep animals (and people) out of.  It makes us feel good knowing we have our little niche` out there in the world to call our own.  And, we get to make an income off what we love as well.  We gain customers, friends & knowledge shared amongst fellow crafters along the journey.

If your like me, you to kick disability in the ass & feel good about what you can contribute instead of being told what you can’t.  You get to feel good knowing your productive & useful & can make pretty little things that make others feel good.  You get to turn a devastating blow into a positive reason to get busy every single day.

All because I love what I do & I’m doing what I love!

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