Autoimmune Away… a tiny bit graphic

I have contracted the nasty sickness going around our area.  My husband works in the medical field so, if he picks it up, I have a strong chance of contracting it.  I have an autoimmune disorder & the meds I take can lower your immunity to nothing.  I had been so lucky for so longContinue reading “Autoimmune Away… a tiny bit graphic”

A Hull of a pillow…. My newest offering is buckwheat hull pillows.  I personally have a ratchet neck that has had much surgery to correct damage.  One of the most daunting task I can think of is, buying a proper pillow which will not add to my discomfort.  I don’t like pillows that add to much in theContinue reading “A Hull of a pillow….”

Snacks, Sentients & Sights…

The new year has begun.  We are in 2020 while I sit & reflect on 2019.   I don’t mind looking back as it has much to offer in the way of growth.  Lessons learned, aspirations accomplished & future dreams began.  I do not believe in resolutions so much as fragmented goals.  I find takingContinue reading “Snacks, Sentients & Sights…”

Shawl we wrap this up….

I started crocheting shawls last year because I don’t like being hot or in clothing I can’t quickly remove.  It used to be due to menopause.  Now it’s because I take a medication which can make you run hot (methotrexate) in the blink of an eye.   It can cause hot flashes so the fast,Continue reading “Shawl we wrap this up….”

From 11 to 365…

Celebrating the one year birthday of my pups!  They were born on December 24th, 2018.  It’s hard to believe a full year has gone by but, it has.  They were so tiny when we brought them home.  Every single day & night I held them in my ‘magic sweater’ next to my body.  The attachmentContinue reading “From 11 to 365…”

Spousal motivation for the holiday season…

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! No matter what is going on in life, when you take a moment to reflect, you can surely find good things within it. I was incredibly grateful this year for a whole lot of reasons. Mostly, small little things that wouldn’t mean a thing to others but, to me, theyContinue reading “Spousal motivation for the holiday season…”

I can bring home the bacon…

I’ve been knee deep into the social networking setup & website building for 3 days now. I seem to have misplaced my sanity & my eyeballs somewhere along the way. I don’t have the luxury of hiring out the work, so I must be committed, buckle up & get her done. I welcome the challenge,Continue reading “I can bring home the bacon…”

Surgery, Brain Bleeds, Loss & Found!

I have decided to put my feet back into the blog pond & business after a 2 year hiatus.  I had to take some time to be me on every level that entailed.  I did virtually no sewing or crafting to speak.  I simply did what my body needed for me to recover & forContinue reading “Surgery, Brain Bleeds, Loss & Found!”

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