Autoimmune Away… a tiny bit graphic

I have contracted the nasty sickness going around our area.  My husband works in the medical field so, if he picks it up, I have a strong chance of contracting it.  I have an autoimmune disorder & the meds I take can lower your immunity to nothing.  I had been so lucky for so long and then Saturday hit me with fevers, sore throat & mucus plugs.

Once I get to the mucus plug phase, I have to call for an antibiotic.  I have a sad history with my lungs & I don’t expel easily.  I also get quite sickly within 24 to 48 hours if not on top of it right away.  I need lots of water, bed rest & able to express my creative side in bits or I’ll go mad laying in bed.

Mucus plugs are not typical to most people.   Most people cough up regular quasi thin mucus relatively easily.  I fight like hell to cough whatever I can.  My husband refers to it as ‘coughing up a lung’ because it’s horrendous.  I know, mucus plugs = antibiotics as soon as possible.  When this is followed, I’m usually feeling better within days.  If not, it’s an uncomfortable hospital stay most likely.  So, I await my Dr’s phone call to the Pharmacy to I can heal.


In the meantime, I drink a LOT (about 1/2 to a gal a day depending on nausea) of water, take my Mucinex, fight like hell to get the plugs up & out and drinks lots of lemon honey herbal tea.  For fun, I eat popsicles & drink tomato soup.  Why do I always want to put an ‘e’ on the end of tomato?


The hardest part of being sick for me, is not being able to do my normal routine & have to keep quiet two 1 year old Boston Terriers.  Anyone who owns BT’s, Frenchie’s, Jacks, you gets this.  Whenever I cough, my little girl panics and comes to check on me.  This photo is late last night when I had a couple of not feeling horrible.  Had some website work to do so, up we go.

Miss Rosie just doesn’t like mamma coughing one bit.  We now call her the ‘supervisor’ of all things.  She just stands there, where she is NOT suppose to be & waits for me tell her “mammas okay, get down now”.  Cutie.


So, in closing on this foul feeling day, I pray none of you get this awful, nasty, disgusting mess.  Those who do, I highly recommend alternating your hot & cold fluids and for the love of all things, buy some Mucinex as it’s hitting everybody chest and lungs.  I’m not quite inhaler like the hubs but dang, I got plugs.  6 of 1, 1/2 doz of another.




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I run a home base business in my in home studio. I live in a small cottage which is undergoing a transformation. I love mowing our acreage, watching the deer & the snow fall. I love clean crisp white sheets & lots of fans when I sleep. I like English movies & westerns. I love learning new things with all things.

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