Snacks, Sentients & Sights…

The new year has begun.  We are in 2020 while I sit & reflect on 2019.   I don’t mind looking back as it has much to offer in the way of growth.  Lessons learned, aspirations accomplished & future dreams began.  I do not believe in resolutions so much as fragmented goals.  I find taking smaller bites of a goal to more reasonable than to attain the entire goal by a specific time.  One of them was to offer more homemade goods & cooking for all.  I used to cook meals 5 days a week when the kids were at home.  But since they’ve gone on to their grown up lives & with husband crazy schedule, it’s not as easy to motivate myself to cook for one.  That said, I’d rather eat homemade than prepared any day.  When it comes to snacks, I want to know what is in my food & be able to pronounce every word as well as control the sugar.

Day one, banana walnute bread.  It is so good. I can’t even tell you how bad I wish this was scratch & sniff.  Day two was meatloaf.  Equally as good.IMG_20191230_172921_222

Another goal was to establish a concrete schedule with the pups for their personal hygiene & beauty care.  Such as, ear cleaning & toenail trims.  I’ve set aside Thursdays of each week as this is my least busy day.  I have 6 critters, so this is not a 5 minutes & done task.  This is in fact an undertaking.  1 sentient falls asleep during filing. 1 is still unsure but quite still for the most part. 1 is not having it & 1 has resigned herself to the fact, it must be done.  The cats take 3 or 4 days each as neither likes the process.


 I don’t ever want to wish away time as I know how precious it is.  Unfortunately, living with a chronic illness, which is highly unpredictable, I appreciate now while shutting out the future.  However, I learned that dreaming of the future is actually a healthy escape of the pressures of the now.   I have a 6 month & a 12 month goal.

1.  To replace the sentient pen fence outside & insert a gate to the driveway for an easy path from house to jeep. (6 month).

2.  To finish the kitchen walls with tongue & groove and to put in the ceiling lights (this requires husband as I no longer touch electric due to an electric shock delivered by a stove wire thought to be turned off by a person I won’t name). (12 months)20200101_160520

I’ve allowed my self to set sights on wants or needs a little further ahead. Such as, paying off husbands car.  Finishing 1 of the rooms of our remodel.  Or, organizing my craft room to make it run more efficiently. I’m not good at it, but I’m trying.

So, here’s to you & yours having a safe, accomplishing new year.  I hope it serves you better than the one left behind.  I hope it offers you more than you dare to dream.

Published by primsnpretties

I run a home base business in my in home studio. I live in a small cottage which is undergoing a transformation. I love mowing our acreage, watching the deer & the snow fall. I love clean crisp white sheets & lots of fans when I sleep. I like English movies & westerns. I love learning new things with all things.

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