From 11 to 365…

Celebrating the one year birthday of my pups!  They were born on December 24th, 2018.  It’s hard to believe a full year has gone by but, it has.  They were so tiny when we brought them home.  Every single day & night I held them in my ‘magic sweater’ next to my body.  The attachment we created is quite strong.  To this day, they still come to me to be wrapped up and snuggled.


Miss Rosie is named after the character in the movie We Bought A Zoo.  My husband stated though grown, I reminded him of Rosie with animals.  I’ve always been drawn to animals, large & small & all types except bugs.  I’m not a big bug person.  I just seem to get the eeby jeebies with bugs so I’ll pass on them.


Mr. Quincy is named after a city just outside Boston in Massachusetts.  The original breeder of the Boston Terrier was from.  I thought it so fitting to show homage to said breeder & with the boy I wanted oh so badly since we lost our Bugsy to Cushing’s Disease.


These two have been a bonded pair since I first saw them at 11 days old.  They have snuggled together, played together, ganged up on my older girl in play,  sleep together & eat together.  This went on for 11 months.  Then slowly, they each started to show their own raw personalities and a little distance between each other.


Rosie is more independent, very assure of herself & much larger than Quincy.  She is a curious little bugger.  Always the last to sleep but sleeps the hardest.    She loves attention but values her independence.  She is a genuinely sweet girl.  She also a bit of a daddy’s girl but I’m not allowed to go to far.


Quincy is tightly wound but loves his momma.  He is so loving & loves to cuddle all the time.  He loves it when I wear the magic sweater or we go for naps and he can curl around the bend of my knees.  He want to be wherever I am, no exception.  He loves food, playtime & loves his sisters so much!  He really loves a good nylabone.

When we went to look at these pups, it was the boy I wanted.  I didn’t care what he looked like.  I wanted him.  My septic man had pups & we told him of our departed Bugsy.  He let us know he had a bitch whelping soon.  Sure enough, Christmas Eve was the magical night.  After a bit of time, 11 days, he invited us to come look at the boy.  After texting, I told him I wanted him, sight unseen.  He was ours.  As we spent time (each Friday or Saturday for an hour or two), I noticed a little girl always came to be held when we held Q.  After 2 visits, I decided I needed to have her too.  So Rosie came to be ours as well.


Our babies are rambunctious, happy & healthy, playful & joyous 1 years old’s who no longer fit in the magic sweater as they once did.   But, they fill our lives with laughter and cuddles in spades.


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I run a home base business in my in home studio. I live in a small cottage which is undergoing a transformation. I love mowing our acreage, watching the deer & the snow fall. I love clean crisp white sheets & lots of fans when I sleep. I like English movies & westerns. I love learning new things with all things.

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