I can bring home the bacon…

I’ve been knee deep into the social networking setup & website building for 3 days now. I seem to have misplaced my sanity & my eyeballs somewhere along the way. I don’t have the luxury of hiring out the work, so I must be committed, buckle up & get her done. I welcome the challenge, I miss the rest.

I would not say website building is hard but it is tedious. It’s all small measurements, lining elements up, nice pictures & careful wording. It’s looking at the pages through someone else’s lens. It’s being open to objective, though sometimes brutal, constructive criticism. I don’t mind criticism unless it’s something I’m ’emotionally’ attached to but that said, once you are, it’s rough letting it go.

I’m very interested in clean pages, no lagging & interest in what I have to offer & the formats in which I’ve promoted my products on. What is interesting? I do not know if I’m being honest. I only know what ‘I’ like & what I appreciate when I go to another persons webpage or blog. Personally, I’m more organizationally eclectic. I like what I like & it’s that simple. I love Baseball, I can’t stand football anymore. I love chocolate no bake cookies, I can’t stand chocolate ice cream. I Love coffee with cream, I cant stand cream based soups. You get the point.

So, as I build my website & plan carefully how I want to run my business with her reboot, I am reminded that every single task we do, no matter how redundant, has a purpose toward the end goal. I’m reminded of a verse from Proverbs 13:4 The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.

I’ll remember that when I start sewing until my fingers bleed trying to load my website with product!!


Published by primsnpretties

I run a home base business in my in home studio. I live in a small cottage which is undergoing a transformation. I love mowing our acreage, watching the deer & the snow fall. I love clean crisp white sheets & lots of fans when I sleep. I like English movies & westerns. I love learning new things with all things.

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