Surgery, Brain Bleeds, Loss & Found!

I have decided to put my feet back into the blog pond & business after a 2 year hiatus.  I had to take some time to be me on every level that entailed.  I did virtually no sewing or crafting to speak.  I simply did what my body needed for me to recover & for my brain to take a break.  I Had more surgery, husband had brain surgery & I needed to get my auto-immune disorder under control.  


We lost two of our rescued Boston’s whom we had for years.  We didn’t have many photos of them as Androids weren’t around. One died from sudden onset (within hours) heart failure and the other 4 months later from chronic pain syndrome brought on by mistreatment at the puppy mill.  Personally, I think she gave up when her sissy died.  


We lost our beloved Bugzy to Cushing’s Disease far too young.  Not too long after, the normal progression of life took our beloved Tillywill at 12.5 years of age.  Her arthritis was in all her joints it became too much for her to even rise from the floor.  She was on joint meds first, then pain meds in the end & it was too selfish for us to keep asking her to stay so we could avoid the hurt.  

To say we were gutted would be an understatement.



Our Finish Spitz came up with cancer & had to have leg amputated but, is a live & none the worse for wear, now.  She can even chew her nylabone holding it with one foot.  AMAZING!

Our 14 year old cat has hyperthyroidism which is no longer responding to medication.  We know we need to put her to sleep but just can’t seem to go the next step.  She bounces back day to day so it’s been a tough call.  When it’s time, it time.  Today we got a good day.

So, it’s been rough in the animal kingdom.

That said, my heart is huge for the fur critters! 

 Oscar is still doing great!  He is more dog than cat but we don’t’ tell him he’s not a dog. It would crush him.  So we just say Oscar Antics whenever he acts outside feline boundaries.

Our Bitsy is doing well for an 11 year old, though her sight is declining now.  She is still known as lil sassy britches & doesn’t know she is aging.  We won’t tell her!

and then….

There are these two ‘lil chits’!

I went for one and fell in love with both.

I went for the boy who I met at 10 days young & visited weekly with.  Then, over those weeks (3 to be exact), I fell in love with her.  They were clearly a bonded pair.  So on the left we have Rosie (named after the little girl in the movie We Bought A Zoo.  My husband says I, a grown woman, remind him of her & have since he’s known me) & on the left we have Quincy (named after a small town next to Boston where the original breeder of Boston’s lived many moons ago).

So, I spent a year raising them up to be happy, healthy, independent little buggers. They’ll be a year old on the 24th of this month.  They are wonderful little Boston Terriers who filled up a hollow void for us.  They are work, funny, stressful, silly and most of all, so loving.  

The second photo shows the first night I got to hold them.  Whenever I put this sweater on, they come for cuddles.  I call it the magic sweater.  To this day they love cuddling up in it.  Only now, I have to hold to hold them one at a time to fit them in.

So, suffice to say, it’s been a very arduous, stressful & trying period of time.   I’ve come out on the other side & am now ready to re-engage life as I knew it before all the crisis!

If not for my faith, these past two years could’ve easily done me in.  Instead, I’ve come out with a new appreciation of knowing what I love, what I have to live for & what motivates me to get up every single day with a smile on my face.

I’ve been slowly getting back into sewing.  On one hand, you don’t loose anything in the way of knowing what your doing.  On the other hand, the daily rhythm you come to rely on as a home business operator takes a bit more time to get back.

So, here’s to finding my rhythm!!

Published by primsnpretties

I run a home base business in my in home studio. I live in a small cottage which is undergoing a transformation. I love mowing our acreage, watching the deer & the snow fall. I love clean crisp white sheets & lots of fans when I sleep. I like English movies & westerns. I love learning new things with all things.

5 thoughts on “Surgery, Brain Bleeds, Loss & Found!

  1. That is a lot of loss and stress over only two years time. It is good to hear that you and your husband are better and that you’ve found those two little Bosties to love. They are adorable! I’m also glad you are finding your creative way again. It is a terrific way to work through stress. I look forward to seeing some of your work soon.

    Thank you for visiting me and for your kind words about Buddy. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes it is a lot. But, we got through & carry them in our hearts. I lost a most loyal dog 14 years ago and to this day, still feel her absence. But, it doesn’t hurt they way it used to. More acceptance & memories now. Too busy raising up two littles now.

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  3. Losing so many animals so close together, that is hard. Obviously, the more animals you have, the more likely such a thing is to happen, never-the-less…and then all those other bumps in the road make for a trying time. Glad it’s all evened out and come good. We share the passion for animals. There isn’t one I don’t love.


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