Autoimmune Away… a tiny bit graphic

I have contracted the nasty sickness going around our area.  My husband works in the medical field so, if he picks it up, I have a strong chance of contracting it.  I have an autoimmune disorder & the meds I take can lower your immunity to nothing.  I had been so lucky for so long and then Saturday hit me with fevers, sore throat & mucus plugs.

Once I get to the mucus plug phase, I have to call for an antibiotic.  I have a sad history with my lungs & I don’t expel easily.  I also get quite sickly within 24 to 48 hours if not on top of it right away.  I need lots of water, bed rest & able to express my creative side in bits or I’ll go mad laying in bed.

Mucus plugs are not typical to most people.   Most people cough up regular quasi thin mucus relatively easily.  I fight like hell to cough whatever I can.  My husband refers to it as ‘coughing up a lung’ because it’s horrendous.  I know, mucus plugs = antibiotics as soon as possible.  When this is followed, I’m usually feeling better within days.  If not, it’s an uncomfortable hospital stay most likely.  So, I await my Dr’s phone call to the Pharmacy to I can heal.


In the meantime, I drink a LOT (about 1/2 to a gal a day depending on nausea) of water, take my Mucinex, fight like hell to get the plugs up & out and drinks lots of lemon honey herbal tea.  For fun, I eat popsicles & drink tomato soup.  Why do I always want to put an ‘e’ on the end of tomato?


The hardest part of being sick for me, is not being able to do my normal routine & have to keep quiet two 1 year old Boston Terriers.  Anyone who owns BT’s, Frenchie’s, Jacks, you gets this.  Whenever I cough, my little girl panics and comes to check on me.  This photo is late last night when I had a couple of not feeling horrible.  Had some website work to do so, up we go.

Miss Rosie just doesn’t like mamma coughing one bit.  We now call her the ‘supervisor’ of all things.  She just stands there, where she is NOT suppose to be & waits for me tell her “mammas okay, get down now”.  Cutie.


So, in closing on this foul feeling day, I pray none of you get this awful, nasty, disgusting mess.  Those who do, I highly recommend alternating your hot & cold fluids and for the love of all things, buy some Mucinex as it’s hitting everybody chest and lungs.  I’m not quite inhaler like the hubs but dang, I got plugs.  6 of 1, 1/2 doz of another.




A Hull of a pillow….

My newest offering is buckwheat hull pillows.  I personally have a ratchet neck that has had much surgery to correct damage.  One of the most daunting task I can think of is, buying a proper pillow which will not add to my discomfort.  I don’t like pillows that add to much in the way of heat.  I don’t like cold.  But I do want movement and coolness.

Fagopyrum esculentum, NGB16073

Buckwheat hulls stay cool throughout the night when you sleep on them.  Their constant movement to your shape or form is a blessing in disguise for me.  If I sleep in one constitution for very long, I feel it the next day.


For me, the solution is Hull Pillows!  The fact that they conform to your neck throughout the night is a blessing.  But, they also stay cool, not cold, which acts like a constant cooling wrap to reduce inflammation in my neck which is an ongoing issue.


When I decided to start making hull pillows, I did a lot of research on the internet to see what others were offering.  I found most site offered casings made in china, unacceptable.  Most did not offer custom cases.  Though they all offer the hull pillows, individuality stopped there.  I don’t know about you but, I want a pretty case on my pillow no matter what size I am using.


So far, I am offering travel size but am working on making up some larger travel sizes, 16″ x 20″, then I will take custom orders on bed pillow sizes in standard, queen or king.  I also take custom orders for pillow cases for your own pillows.  It’s a very flexible situation.  Buy ready made or custom order.


All colors, themes & styles. How fun to be able to create cases in all variations as well as ages. Turn around time for a pillow & case is one day.



Snacks, Sentients & Sights…

The new year has begun.  We are in 2020 while I sit & reflect on 2019.   I don’t mind looking back as it has much to offer in the way of growth.  Lessons learned, aspirations accomplished & future dreams began.  I do not believe in resolutions so much as fragmented goals.  I find taking smaller bites of a goal to more reasonable than to attain the entire goal by a specific time.  One of them was to offer more homemade goods & cooking for all.  I used to cook meals 5 days a week when the kids were at home.  But since they’ve gone on to their grown up lives & with husband crazy schedule, it’s not as easy to motivate myself to cook for one.  That said, I’d rather eat homemade than prepared any day.  When it comes to snacks, I want to know what is in my food & be able to pronounce every word as well as control the sugar.

Day one, banana walnute bread.  It is so good. I can’t even tell you how bad I wish this was scratch & sniff.  Day two was meatloaf.  Equally as good.IMG_20191230_172921_222

Another goal was to establish a concrete schedule with the pups for their personal hygiene & beauty care.  Such as, ear cleaning & toenail trims.  I’ve set aside Thursdays of each week as this is my least busy day.  I have 6 critters, so this is not a 5 minutes & done task.  This is in fact an undertaking.  1 sentient falls asleep during filing. 1 is still unsure but quite still for the most part. 1 is not having it & 1 has resigned herself to the fact, it must be done.  The cats take 3 or 4 days each as neither likes the process.


 I don’t ever want to wish away time as I know how precious it is.  Unfortunately, living with a chronic illness, which is highly unpredictable, I appreciate now while shutting out the future.  However, I learned that dreaming of the future is actually a healthy escape of the pressures of the now.   I have a 6 month & a 12 month goal.

1.  To replace the sentient pen fence outside & insert a gate to the driveway for an easy path from house to jeep. (6 month).

2.  To finish the kitchen walls with tongue & groove and to put in the ceiling lights (this requires husband as I no longer touch electric due to an electric shock delivered by a stove wire thought to be turned off by a person I won’t name). (12 months)20200101_160520

I’ve allowed my self to set sights on wants or needs a little further ahead. Such as, paying off husbands car.  Finishing 1 of the rooms of our remodel.  Or, organizing my craft room to make it run more efficiently. I’m not good at it, but I’m trying.

So, here’s to you & yours having a safe, accomplishing new year.  I hope it serves you better than the one left behind.  I hope it offers you more than you dare to dream.

Shawl we wrap this up….

I started crocheting shawls last year because I don’t like being hot or in clothing I can’t quickly remove.  It used to be due to menopause.  Now it’s because I take a medication which can make you run hot (methotrexate) in the blink of an eye.   It can cause hot flashes so the fast, trying to get a sweater off can seem too long.  The less I have to deal with the negative side effects or the agitation that comes with them, the better.


 So, shawls became a favorite.  They can warm you while giving you the freedom to move about.  They are easy on, easy off.  They are attractive as well utilitarian.  They are the perfect accessory.


The fact that they can be made in any color or one of many different patterns is a plus.  Solids, duo, trio or multicolored, they can be made to suit your desires.  They can be made light, heavy or medium.  In acrylic, wool or finer yarns. They are truly versatile.


Whether you call them shawl or wraps makes no matter.  Most artisans are fine with both identifiers.  I personally only care that it comes off quickly but goes back on when a chill hits.  I do custom shawls and offer ready made shawls.

I offer shawls on my website at:

From 11 to 365…

Celebrating the one year birthday of my pups!  They were born on December 24th, 2018.  It’s hard to believe a full year has gone by but, it has.  They were so tiny when we brought them home.  Every single day & night I held them in my ‘magic sweater’ next to my body.  The attachment we created is quite strong.  To this day, they still come to me to be wrapped up and snuggled.


Miss Rosie is named after the character in the movie We Bought A Zoo.  My husband stated though grown, I reminded him of Rosie with animals.  I’ve always been drawn to animals, large & small & all types except bugs.  I’m not a big bug person.  I just seem to get the eeby jeebies with bugs so I’ll pass on them.


Mr. Quincy is named after a city just outside Boston in Massachusetts.  The original breeder of the Boston Terrier was from.  I thought it so fitting to show homage to said breeder & with the boy I wanted oh so badly since we lost our Bugsy to Cushing’s Disease.


These two have been a bonded pair since I first saw them at 11 days old.  They have snuggled together, played together, ganged up on my older girl in play,  sleep together & eat together.  This went on for 11 months.  Then slowly, they each started to show their own raw personalities and a little distance between each other.


Rosie is more independent, very assure of herself & much larger than Quincy.  She is a curious little bugger.  Always the last to sleep but sleeps the hardest.    She loves attention but values her independence.  She is a genuinely sweet girl.  She also a bit of a daddy’s girl but I’m not allowed to go to far.


Quincy is tightly wound but loves his momma.  He is so loving & loves to cuddle all the time.  He loves it when I wear the magic sweater or we go for naps and he can curl around the bend of my knees.  He want to be wherever I am, no exception.  He loves food, playtime & loves his sisters so much!  He really loves a good nylabone.

When we went to look at these pups, it was the boy I wanted.  I didn’t care what he looked like.  I wanted him.  My septic man had pups & we told him of our departed Bugsy.  He let us know he had a bitch whelping soon.  Sure enough, Christmas Eve was the magical night.  After a bit of time, 11 days, he invited us to come look at the boy.  After texting, I told him I wanted him, sight unseen.  He was ours.  As we spent time (each Friday or Saturday for an hour or two), I noticed a little girl always came to be held when we held Q.  After 2 visits, I decided I needed to have her too.  So Rosie came to be ours as well.


Our babies are rambunctious, happy & healthy, playful & joyous 1 years old’s who no longer fit in the magic sweater as they once did.   But, they fill our lives with laughter and cuddles in spades.


Spousal motivation for the holiday season…

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! No matter what is going on in life, when you take a moment to reflect, you can surely find good things within it. I was incredibly grateful this year for a whole lot of reasons. Mostly, small little things that wouldn’t mean a thing to others but, to me, they were all so very important.

I didn’t really want to go all out this year just from sheer exhaustion. I didn’t want all the drudgery that goes with the meal. The shopping & prep work is what does me in. As a person with an autoimmune disorder, I have to reserve & plan to reserve my energy. Knowing that, I slimmed down my own expectations. I did not seek perfection & accepted help in the way of foods ready made that take the most time to create, noodles & pies. I bought Amish noodles (how can you go wrong?) & a couple Marie Calendar pies (which weren’t too bad). The rest of the meal was homemade & well enjoyed.

I usually put my Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving night. However, this year, I just didn’t have it in me. It was all we could do to shop, prep, cook, serve & then clean up without dreaming of a nap while on our feet. If it were possibly, we probably would’ve done so. After clean up, we did just that, napped. But, husband got called in for a shift at work & the holiday ended without a tree.

UNTIL…. husband decided he would help do it this weekend, which was fine by me. We took a lazy man nap for a bit, 2 adults, 4 dogs and a cat all on a king size bed. A fine nap it was too! When we rose, husband decided he was going to get the tree out, prep it & string it with lights. We realized quite quickly we need some blinky bulbs but went ahead with the plan. It was quite late & I had been down with a migraine for 3 days & I was fully content to watch him do the tree. Before we knew it, it was 12:30 a.m. & he had to work today so we shut it all down, put up the dogs & went for a good nights sleep.

Today we rose with a plan – dogs, coffee & tree. I did the dogs, made the coffee & he started back with the tree. I still wasn’t feeling it though. So he went about his business without my ocd being involved, which was great for him, terrible for me. Then, he had to stop to do a store run. I didn’t want the xmas boxes laying all about for the cats to play in so I offered to do the baubles while he was gone. Before you know, they were all of the boxes & on the tree & my first bit of spirit had been realized.

Normally, I want the tree up. I’m the one prepping & decorating. I’m the one responsible for the spirit to envelope our home. This year, I just didn’t have it. This year it was husbands turn to give 100% until mine kicked in. So after 23 years of Christmases, It was my husbands turn to lift up my holiday spirit instead of me having to make him slow down long enough to take it in. This year, he had to be the motivator & it all worked out quite well.

We’ll have a nice dinner, exchange a gift or two & likely use the day to just breath, relax & enjoy the quiet. For moments like these….

Lil bit getting caught under the tree wanting a nap!

The tree is up, the spirit is within & I found out we are expecting snow tonight. Perfect! Only when I gave up the control to control how it should be, did the spirit arrive within me.

Exodus 14:14 The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still

I can bring home the bacon…

I’ve been knee deep into the social networking setup & website building for 3 days now. I seem to have misplaced my sanity & my eyeballs somewhere along the way. I don’t have the luxury of hiring out the work, so I must be committed, buckle up & get her done. I welcome the challenge, I miss the rest.

I would not say website building is hard but it is tedious. It’s all small measurements, lining elements up, nice pictures & careful wording. It’s looking at the pages through someone else’s lens. It’s being open to objective, though sometimes brutal, constructive criticism. I don’t mind criticism unless it’s something I’m ’emotionally’ attached to but that said, once you are, it’s rough letting it go.

I’m very interested in clean pages, no lagging & interest in what I have to offer & the formats in which I’ve promoted my products on. What is interesting? I do not know if I’m being honest. I only know what ‘I’ like & what I appreciate when I go to another persons webpage or blog. Personally, I’m more organizationally eclectic. I like what I like & it’s that simple. I love Baseball, I can’t stand football anymore. I love chocolate no bake cookies, I can’t stand chocolate ice cream. I Love coffee with cream, I cant stand cream based soups. You get the point.

So, as I build my website & plan carefully how I want to run my business with her reboot, I am reminded that every single task we do, no matter how redundant, has a purpose toward the end goal. I’m reminded of a verse from Proverbs 13:4 The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.

I’ll remember that when I start sewing until my fingers bleed trying to load my website with product!!


Surgery, Brain Bleeds, Loss & Found!

I have decided to put my feet back into the blog pond & business after a 2 year hiatus.  I had to take some time to be me on every level that entailed.  I did virtually no sewing or crafting to speak.  I simply did what my body needed for me to recover & for my brain to take a break.  I Had more surgery, husband had brain surgery & I needed to get my auto-immune disorder under control.  


We lost two of our rescued Boston’s whom we had for years.  We didn’t have many photos of them as Androids weren’t around. One died from sudden onset (within hours) heart failure and the other 4 months later from chronic pain syndrome brought on by mistreatment at the puppy mill.  Personally, I think she gave up when her sissy died.  


We lost our beloved Bugzy to Cushing’s Disease far too young.  Not too long after, the normal progression of life took our beloved Tillywill at 12.5 years of age.  Her arthritis was in all her joints it became too much for her to even rise from the floor.  She was on joint meds first, then pain meds in the end & it was too selfish for us to keep asking her to stay so we could avoid the hurt.  

To say we were gutted would be an understatement.



Our Finish Spitz came up with cancer & had to have leg amputated but, is a live & none the worse for wear, now.  She can even chew her nylabone holding it with one foot.  AMAZING!

Our 14 year old cat has hyperthyroidism which is no longer responding to medication.  We know we need to put her to sleep but just can’t seem to go the next step.  She bounces back day to day so it’s been a tough call.  When it’s time, it time.  Today we got a good day.

So, it’s been rough in the animal kingdom.

That said, my heart is huge for the fur critters! 

 Oscar is still doing great!  He is more dog than cat but we don’t’ tell him he’s not a dog. It would crush him.  So we just say Oscar Antics whenever he acts outside feline boundaries.

Our Bitsy is doing well for an 11 year old, though her sight is declining now.  She is still known as lil sassy britches & doesn’t know she is aging.  We won’t tell her!

and then….

There are these two ‘lil chits’!

I went for one and fell in love with both.

I went for the boy who I met at 10 days young & visited weekly with.  Then, over those weeks (3 to be exact), I fell in love with her.  They were clearly a bonded pair.  So on the left we have Rosie (named after the little girl in the movie We Bought A Zoo.  My husband says I, a grown woman, remind him of her & have since he’s known me) & on the left we have Quincy (named after a small town next to Boston where the original breeder of Boston’s lived many moons ago).

So, I spent a year raising them up to be happy, healthy, independent little buggers. They’ll be a year old on the 24th of this month.  They are wonderful little Boston Terriers who filled up a hollow void for us.  They are work, funny, stressful, silly and most of all, so loving.  

The second photo shows the first night I got to hold them.  Whenever I put this sweater on, they come for cuddles.  I call it the magic sweater.  To this day they love cuddling up in it.  Only now, I have to hold to hold them one at a time to fit them in.

So, suffice to say, it’s been a very arduous, stressful & trying period of time.   I’ve come out on the other side & am now ready to re-engage life as I knew it before all the crisis!

If not for my faith, these past two years could’ve easily done me in.  Instead, I’ve come out with a new appreciation of knowing what I love, what I have to live for & what motivates me to get up every single day with a smile on my face.

I’ve been slowly getting back into sewing.  On one hand, you don’t loose anything in the way of knowing what your doing.  On the other hand, the daily rhythm you come to rely on as a home business operator takes a bit more time to get back.

So, here’s to finding my rhythm!!

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